PROJECT II is the second part of PROJECT FOR EFL CLASSROOM. The course is designed for the students who are at the upper-intermediate to advanced level of English (Level 4 by TEG English Language Program ), being ready to start BTEC HND courses in English.

1.    Course Objectives:

-       To strengthen the students’ basic research skills and get them practice those skills;

-       To strengthen and improve the students’ use of academic English;

-       To prepare the students for academic requirements of BTEC HND program; and

-       To create among the students self-motivation toward research and love for researching, thus contributing in promotion of scientific discoveries among the young people.

2.    Learning Outcomes :

By the end of this course, the students will be able to

-       Identify interesting topics and problems potential for research;

-       Employ suitable research methods and tools to conduct a research work individually;

-       Employ seminar skills to discuss/share issues, problems, opinions and ideas while doing research.

-       Employ presentation skills to present the research results in 15 minutes plus Q&A session.

-       Employ writing skills to write  2000 - 3000-word reports on their own research.