The module is designed to provide you with knowledge and understanding of multinational enterprises in their domestic context as well as the diverse range of international environments in which businesses operate. We will use case studies and examples from around the world to connect theory and real-world business decisions, in both emerging and developed markets. This module will take a truly global approach with a wealth of real-world examples.

This module serves a capstone function in drawing together strands of learning from the module and the programme more widely through an integrative, problem-based project. 

The module adopts an experiential approach to learning and includes a combination of class-based activity, group-based activity and independent study related to individual functional roles within the team and PPD. The sessions combine formal input such as lectures and workshops with tutor support

To provide students with knowledge and understanding of the considerations, concepts and issues relevant to the development of an organisation’s global  marketing activities.

To enable students to confidently analyse and solve marketing problems in order to facilitate the achievement of an organisation’s global objectives.

To deepen students’ awareness and understanding of the complexities associated with the global  marketing of products and services.

This module will equip the student with the necessary knowledge and transferable skills to support their academic study, professional and career development and future employability. The module supports students new to study at UWE to understand, develop, and demonstrate academic skills appropriate to the level of study, including research skills, good academic practice, developing evidence-based arguments and academic reading and writing. 

This module will introduce you to the people aspects of ethical and sustainable organisational change that impact of these on change processes and outcomes in local and global business or public sector settings.

The aim of this module is for students to develop a critical understanding of business strategy theory and the application of key tools and frameworks needed to develop/evaluate an organisation’s strategy. Topic areas will include sources of competitive advantage, global strategy, strategic innovation and the link between strategy and social responsibility. A focus of the module will be on equipping students to make use of theory in ambiguous situations and hence emphasis will be placed on helping students apply the tools and techniques covered.

The module will establish a clear framework for undertaking research and provide an overview of the various approaches used in an investigation. 

The module provides students with the opportunity to undertake a focussed exploration of a contemporary business issue, drawing on skills and knowledge acquired from other modules. Students choose their own topic but within certain constraints such as key contexts and subject field applicable to their degree pathway. 

The students must choose and define the topic, research relevant information, and will be encouraged to collect primary data where relevant and possible , critically evaluate their findings in the context of the contemporary issue and draw relevant conclusions on the state of knowledge , with recommendations for further research